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For three years I collected locally-made short films about Hurricane Katrina, the ensuing federal flood of 2005 and our recovery process. These films screened as a collection in the New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival in ’06, ’07, and ’08. Occasionally non-locals screened work that they produced here, such as the Yes Men. (Here’s a transcript of their “identity correction” at a disaster contracting conference in New Orleans.) Don’t miss the New Orleans segment in their new movie.

Many thanks to the supporters who have screened films from these series, including Hallwalls, Cinevic, 911 Media, and many others.

above: still from 2-Cent’s “New Orleans for Sale”

Keep on Keepin’ On 2008
a local view of recovery efforts almost 3 years past Hurricane Katrina

monster in new orleans
above: still from Helen Hill and Paul Gailunias’s “Monster in New Orleans”

Back and Forth 2007

Local work spanning 1985 -2007, organized with an awareness of the see-saw effect on our city – our constant mindfulness of “before and after,” “then and now,” pre- and post- Hurricane Katrina, the levee breaks and flooding of 80% of New Orleans.
•New Orleans Human Rights Film Festival, April 12, Canal Place Theatres
DOWNLOAD a .pdf of the program here.



Below Sea Level Stories
above: cover art by David Sullivan

Below Sea Level Stories 2006
program of short films from the Sinking City of New Orleans, one year after Hurricane Katrina.
•Cinevic, Vancouver Island, BC
•Portland, OR
911 Media Arts Center, Seattle WA