Luna Fete 2023 presents “Eco Logic” on Gretna City Hall

“Eco Logic” is a collaborative animation between students at Young Audiences Charter School, their art teacher, and Courtney.

An image of the Gretna City Hall with projected images of collaged and animated birds
Eco Logic is a projection-mapped tour of regional ecosystems, with an emphasis on native and visiting migratory plants, bugs and birds.

1st, 2nd and 5th grade students from Young Audiences Charter School in Gretna, Louisiana, were introduced over the course of a semester to different species and their relationships. The students made their own caterpillars, butterflies and birds, that are included in the animation along with local landmarks from the city of Gretna. The projection was mapped to the Gretna City Hall building.

The students’ art teacher Lucien Levi and I also contributed artwork to the animation. Young composer Arlo McCracken Allen made the music. NOCCA Media Arts student Sean Rule contributed sound design. I received excellent information about local and migratory birds and plants from Susan Norris Davis and Wendy Rihner.

Thanks to everyone and to Young Audience Charter School, Arts New Orleans, and the City of Gretna for supporting this project!