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cleveland street gap

Cleveland Street Gap 2006
with Helen Hill
16mm and digital video, 3 min.
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Mid-City, New Orleans - the bottom of the bowl.  A filmmaker restores what she can of her soggy home movies, which sat in floodwater for three weeks.  Another filmmaker shoots the same compositions in the same neighborhood, now abandoned, 10 months after the flood.  Edited together they provide a testament to the slow nature of New Orleans’s recovery and its missing populace.

•Director's Choice, 28th Black Maria Film and Video Festival
•Orphans Film Symposium
•National Museum of Women in the Arts
•"New Orleans Parallax," Hallwalls Alternative Arts Center, Buffalo
•Bryan Konefsky Presents: Experiments in Cinema 2007,  Southwest Film Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico
•New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival, 2007

mummy's dance

Mummy's Dance 2004
digital video, 3.5 min.
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A mummy, wrapped up in the trappings of modern living and popular culture, finds itself stuck.  Its features and reactions are not visible, but neither are they important.  The mummy is an embodiment of an obsession with body image, in constant flux, wishing to live forever, embalmed in youth.

•The 2005 Ann Arbor Film Festival, “The She-Gaze” program
•“Boxers, Briefs or Panties,” two person show, Salon de Beau Monde, New Orleans, 2004

big shtick

Big Shtick 2003
digital video, 3 min.
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Popular culture images appropriated from American film and tv make the case that “the stick is the shtick” in this bit of overboard editing.

•Bryan Konefsky Presents: Experiments in Cinema 2006, Southwest Film Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico
•2005 MadCat Womens International Film Festival
•The 2005 Ann Arbor Film Festival
•The 2005 New York Underground Film Festival
•The Waiting Room Gallery, solo show installation “Cineplasty,” New Orleans, 2003

chaos hag

The Chaos Hags 2003
digital video, 8 min.
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The Chaos Hags cackle, shriek, giggle, cry, and sigh—they call forth with fury the female stereotype, pushed to an extreme and exaggerated. 

Body parts from film and television actresses are “sampled” and composited into Frankenstein's monster-like creatures that perform a variety of actions, all generally futile, yet cathartic. 

These experimental digital animations are visual metaphors for psychological states of mind, body sensations and memories.

This link sends you to the Flash site The Chaos Hags, circa 2003

•The New Orleans Film Festival, 2004
•Reel Venus Film Festival, 2004
•Nemo Festival, Paris, France, 2004
•Ann Arbor Film Festival, Winner Isabella Liddell Award, 2004
•Kasseler Dokumentarfilm Und Videofest, installation in Monitoring, Kassel, Germany, 2003
•Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, Berlin, 2003
•25 Hrs International Video Art Show, Barcelona, Spain, 2003