Courtney Egan is represented by Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans.


















Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, 2013

Cultivar is an installation of three works in the Arthur Roger video projects room.

Click here to see video documentation of Sigils 3

Click here to see video documentation of the interactive installation Dreamcatchers.

The Pearl, New Orleans, 2011

Sleepwalkers began as a 3-monitor video collage, and has seen a few iterations, such as an installation for the 2011 New Orleans Museum of Art Odyssey Ball, and as a projection into a sculptural shell-like form, which showed at Heriard-Cimino Gallery.

At the Pearl, Sleepwalkers seemed to find its natural home in the 6-foot long clawfoot bathtub, in a show titled “Constant, Abrasive Irritation Produces the Pearl: A Disease of the Oyster” – Lenny Bruce. Thank you, John Otte, for allowing me into the bathroom!

Click here for video documentation of Sleepwalkers from The Pearl's 2011 show


solo show: Field Recordings
New Video Work by Courtney Egan
Heriard-Cimino Gallery, New Orleans, 2010

Click here to see videos of
Sigils, Gushers, Repercussions, Tizzy, Sleepwalkers v.1, and more

left: Sigils, single channel video projection, wire mesh and ironwork

Short-term Memory
The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, 2009

Winding colored lines meander up and down, roaming vertically on a multidimensional paper surface. These animated forms are based on the changes in the Mississippi river over the past 300 years, as mapped by Army Corps engineer Harold N. Fisk in 1944.

This piece meditates on the difference in scale between human memory and geological time.

early spring

Early Spring
Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, The Soap Factory Minneapolis, 2009

Deep bass tones vibrate and rattle out of sets of small lo-fi computer speakers, while images of flowers open and close, in a frenzy of spinning and pulsing to a bass-heavy beat.

Audio was commissioned from Elliot Hathaway and Christoph Andersson, and Steve Reynolds assisted the mix. Thank you!

soft spots

Soft Spots

Soft Spots was created with digital photographs and scans of a Japanese tulip flower, a common ornamental in New Orleans that blooms in the early spring.  In the looping projected image, petals drop from a continually dying and re-blossoming flower.  During a petal’s fall to the ground, a projectile, apparently targeting the petal, misses and sends the petal spinning or flipping, until it gently lands below. 

left: Soft Spots installation at Heriard-Cimino Gallery, 2008


Hurricane Party
Neighborhoods Project, 2007

A video - installed in the basement of a home flooded by hurricane Katrina - evokes uncomfortable nostalgia for the days when the orb atop the Falstaff Brewery tower blinked coded colors, alerting the neighborhood to weather conditions.
Blinking red meant a hurricane was on its way. Back then, evacuation was uncommon, and the city's residents "battened down the hatches," stocked up on food, water and beer, drank to ease the tension, cooked and ate everything in the fridge when the power went out, and hoped for the best.


Deep Water Dates and
Deep Water Markers
an AORTA project
April 2007 / December 2008

In Deep Water Dates, metal plaques mark the high water levels of various flood events in New Orleans neighborhoods through history.
1st installation series: Mid City, corner Banks and Broad.

The second installation, Deep Water Markers, marks 2005 federal flood high water levels in 28 spots along Franklin Avenue, from the river to the lake.


Inductive with Ann Schwab
two-person show, Collins C. Diboll Art Gallery, 4th floor Monroe Library,
Loyola University
, New Orleans

left: Passing, car door, projection, 2006


Mummy's Dance
Salon du Beau Monde August 2004
Julia Street, New Orleans
2-person show with Nique LaTransome

left: installation of Mummy's Dance in salon


solo show, Waiting Room Gallery, New Orleans, 2003


left: still from Big Shtick, 2003