Early Spring

Early Spring
Single channel video installation with 6 channel audio
Approx. 6’ x 8’, audio and power cabling extending to ceiling

Early Spring is Egan’s largest video installation with sound to date. Using the floor of the gallery space as a screen for the projection of her hallucinatory flower image compositions to a drone-like and beat-heavy musical accompaniment broadcast by low-fi speakers, Egan takes the viewer into the space of Digital Animism, an expression she coined to describe her brand of digital animation, inspired by the nature and spirituality.” – Claire Tancons

Deep bass tones vibrate and rattle out of multiple sets of small lo-fi computer speakers, while images of flowers open and close, in a frenzy of spinning and pulsing to the beat.

Early Spring is a specific slant on the question of what is natural. How do nature and technology each influence the other, and to what degree can technology be considered natural, or nature be considered technology? To pose this question I am juxtaposing imagery which is often assumed natural, botanicals, but is often exposed to human manipulation, with speakers, a technology that in this piece issues a deep, primal, sometimes distorted, sound.