“Virtual Idylls” review by D. Eric Bookhardt

“…another new work, “Self Fulfilling Prophesy,” above, takes us to the magical space-time of angel’s trumpet flowers as they slowly unfurl. Here the projection includes a sculptural element in the form of replica human arms that seem to clutch serpentine strands of the glowing blossoms, echoing a scene in French surrealist Jean Cocteau’s landmark film, “Beauty and the Beast.” These works reveal how Egan, a New Orleans native whose vision was profoundly influenced by her childhood experiences growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, transcends genres, boundaries and expectations. ~Bookhardt

installation view of "Virtual Idylls"
Installation view of “Virtual Idylls,” at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art
“Self-Fulfilling Prophesy” pictured
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Installation view, “Repository” pictured